Front brakes

"With a stock or nearly stock (130hp or less, very near stock weight)
engine, the 10.1" fronts are more a cosmetic upgrade. You can get the same
or better braking performance from pad upgrades, and you'll be adding less
unsprung weight which will keep the handling better." 

Upgrade Good advice and experience


Brake Pad and Shoe Upgrades

Part Sources

When picking our new shoes and pads get the best for your application. Few popular brand upgrades over OEM for different types of uses.
Mintex red box pads - strictly street use
Hawk HP Plus - they do squeal a bit at times and they are dusty but great at stopping
Porterfield R4-S pads -fantastic on the street on the track
Ferodos - strictly a track pad

Front disc brake upgrades Upgrading Rotors from stock 9.4" to 10.1" and better calipers. Looking for the A DIY and parts source

Autotech has a few kits for breaking improvments. Kits rage from vented rotor and brake pad, all the way to axially vented 280mm (11.0") rotors, calipers, special carriers, brackets, and Mintex pads
Autotech kit link

Rear Brakes

180mm Drum upgrade to 200mm Drum. Rear drum brakes seem to be the best setup for the A1 platform. A way to increase the stopping power and reduce heating effects on the rear drums is to upgrade to 200 mm drums. Quantum's and some VW Fox wagons come with 200mm drums.


200mm drum Swap details