Engine Swaps

If Stage 1 & 2 upgrades are not enough how about swapping out the entire engine. Like previous sections there are modest, moderate and elaborate upgrades. Engine swaps range from swapping just the block with a higher compression block, or larger displacement 2.0 block and reusing the same head. To changing the entire engine and fuel management system with a 16V 1.8 or 2.0 motor.

2.0 Block Swap doner cars Audi 3a block available from the late 80's Audi 80 non turbo. When planning for an engine swap there are lots of choices and options to pick from.

Various Common swaps

ABA Swap site

The Official A1 16V post 16V motor swaps commonly come from
Scirocco 1986,'87 123HP
Passat, GTL/GTL 1990 - 1992 135HP
G60 Swap into A1
G60 supercharged 8v came in Non-SLC Corrado supercharged 1.8 150HP

The Rabbit TDI Project (A2 diesel swap):
c RaPart 1: Introduction
Part 2: Installing the Engine
Part 3: Transmission
Part 4: Wiring 1
Part 5: Speedometer and Cluster
Part 6: ImmobilizerIII
Part 7: Drive By Wire
Part 8: Intercooler
Part 9: Intake and Exhaust
part 10: MFA and Cruise Control
Part 11: The Dash
Part 12: The Little Things
Part 13: The End (for now)
One Year Later
Dyno results
Who Needs a VR6
TDI Rabbit
[Codes] Engine Code: 9A - Found in 1991 -19 Jetta GLI/Golf GTI 2.0L 16v block

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