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Forced Induction


Whats a Turbo and why would I install one? [1]

Instructions to turbocharger MK1 CIS Link
The VWCIS Langford Turbo kit is designed to provide you with an easy an simple way to increase dramatically the horsepower output of your watercooled mk1 engine including all 8v jh blocks found on rabbits, cabriolets, vw pick-up, Scirocco, and Jetta. It includes almost everything needed to do a complete installation.

DIY Turbo using VW turbo diesel as the main source.
Use an Audi 5000 Turbo or Volvo 240 Turbo warm up regulator with the 2 vacuum ports on the side of it. This is good to get extra fuel under boost. Should support 7 psi NOT inter-cooled and about 9-10 with a good inter-cooler. Good for 150 -170 HP.
If you want more power and are willing to stay below 220HP then add on a Volvo 240 TURBO fuel distributor. You will need two extra #1 fuel lines from your favorite junkyard A1. This distributor flows 40-50 more HP worth of fuel than the stock unit.
turbo diesel how-to swap

Sources for other Junkyard Turbos
ATP turbo kit Install Thread



RotorCharged A1/A2 twin screw supercharger kit

This is a supercharger kit developed by Peter Tong to bring all the capabilities of the twin screw compressor to the 8v motors that came in the lightweight A1/A2 chassis.

Twin screw compressors combine enormous bottom end torque with fantastic midrange/top end power to bring a very streetable solution to the early VWs. The torque curve is ideal for things such as auto cross where boost needs to be tied more directly with throttle application.

This kit converts the early cars to serpentine drive first. Supercharger related components then bolt on.

Currently non AC only... although this may change summer of 2006. This is the only supercharger kit currently in production specifically designed for the A1/A2 cars.

More information: @ Custom supercharger kits


Useful fuel calculators, including a lbs/hr to cc/min converter <- Need updated link here


Very informative article on breaking-in a freshly-built performance engine : engine breaking-in

Calculators Turbo Calculators



Book about turbochargers

Maximum Boost
Author: Corky Bell
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Bentley Publishers; (April 2003)
ISBN: 0837601606

You will find information on the following: - Sizing the turbo, inter-cooling, fuel system tweaks, preparing the engine, intake and exhaust design- Evaluating and installing an after market turbo kit- Improving your current turbocharged system- Designing and installing your own custom system- Whether you’re interested in better performance on the road or extra horsepower to be a winner. This book will give you the knowledge to get the most out of your engine and its turbo charging system.