Shop Tools

VW Performance shop tools Before you begin tying to maintain or modify your MK1 there are a few things you should have.


1) Bentley Publishers - Volkswagen Rabbit, Scirocco, Jetta Service Manual: 1980-1984 Gasoline Models, Including Pickup Truck, Convertible, and GTI
Book on Amazon
2) Water-Cooled Volkswagen Performance Handbook (Performance Handbook Series)
By Greg Raven. Book on Amazon
3) Volkswagen Sport Tuning: For Street and Competition
By Per Schroeder Book on Amazon


Metric Socket Set 5mm to 26 mm
Torque Wrench Large up to 150 ft/lbs, Small up to 75 ft/ls
Torx set up to T45
Floor Jacks
Fire extinguisher Multi-Class
Allen Socket 4mm, 6mm, 17mm( Transmission drain plug)
Screw Drivers - Flat Blade, Phillips, small medium and large sizes

Vise Grips
Wire cutters

Last but not least duct-tape