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model/year/ ratios 020 Tooth Count/Ratios

G60 Transmission Swap

02A and 02J information toward bottom of the page(1.8T section), pictures of the clutch setup.

Additional parts info


Swap the automatic transmission for a 5 speed manual

It's possible to convert an auto transmission A1 to a manual transmission. It's easiest if you have the entire donor car with the manual transmission. It's also helpful if the steering on the donor matches the steering on the car receiving the transplant (either both with power steering, or both without power steering).
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The short story- the rabbit is now a pleasure to drive. Handles quicker, accelerates better, mileage appears to be better. Removed 150-200 pounds of auto related crap from the car and put in only 100. Took two days by of on person working. Nothing hard. Some a little frustrating.
The Recipient: 85 Cabby, with 3 spd auto, 100mm axle set. Power steering. The Donor: 83 GTI, 5 spd manual FK tranny with 90mm axle set. Manual steering.
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Removing the 020 Transmission

Trouble shooting

Jumps out of 5th Gear while driving - Check the Trans oil

Heavy Duty shift linkage kit for linkage operated trannies
Shift Linkage upgrades

Changing Transmission Oil

Tools - allen wrench is a 17mm, to remove plug


5th gear swap

Swap the 5th gear for lower rpms at highway speeds.

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