Lighting & Electrical

Headlight Upgrade

Installing a headlight relay
Make your lights much brighter than stock without changing the lamps. The actual voltage that reaches the lamp is only about 11 - 11.5 volts, where the battery is about 13 volts. The extra few volts dirrectly available at the lamps, makes the lights brighter while reducing the overall load on the batter/alternator.
Relaying your headlights
Upgrade bulbs from Eurocarlighting headlights comes in a PAIR and with the H4 bulbs. Produces 45% more luminous beam on low beam and 30% more luminous beam on high beam than conventional sealed beam headlamps. Link

Air-Fuel Monitor

Great tip on building an in dash air-fuel monitor
DIY Link

Ground strap

90A Alternator upgrade

Most VW Mk1's have a 65 Amp alternator, with the addition of a high power stereo and extra lighting more electrical power is in order.
Bosch alternator from 92 GTI w/ac - 90 amp. Its probably common to many A2's w/ac.
<- need new DIT URL Upgrade A1 90 Amp Alternator Upgrade

Speedometer repair

Fix the Odometer click. VW/VDO Odometer Repair

Speedometer swap

Many of the pre 84 cars have speedometers that only go up to 85 MPH. With today's higher speed limits, having the speedometer almost pegged while highway driving sounds cool but in reality harder to read. Having the 55 -75 MPH visible rage at the top of the speedometer is a desired location. Swapping a guage cluster from a 84 Rabbit with a 120 MPH cluster is possible and easy.
Upgrade 1983 80 MPH cluster for a 120 MPH from 84 GTI is a direct swap.