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The Scientific Rabbit is all about Volkswagen engine Science, what makes a car fast.  There are a few car manufactures that produce cars that are built to perform at a cost Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus to name a few.  Most other cars are manufactured with the balance of mass production and modest performance.  This site is devoted to understand how to take a inexpensive modest performing VW and transforming it into a high performance car.    

Scientifc Rabbit primarily focuses on intake systems, this includes head modifications, intakes, and zip tubes.

"   Since the intake valve is the most restrictive
part of the intake system.."  Grape Ape Racing -in A Practical Approach to High Performance


"On the earlier manifolds {MK1} the runners can be the most restrictive part of the intake system"  Greg Raven  in Volkswagen Performance Handbook



Please use the Contact page if your interested in either performance intake manifolds, performance VW port and polish work for counter/cross flow, Solid lifter 8 or hydrolic lifter valve heads. 



Samples of some of the work can be found here :

VW Rabbit Street Performance port and polish work


Current development Projects:

Customer Development Projects